You have invested a lot of sweat equity building your company.

Let’s make sure none of that hard work goes to waste.

You have built a strong company by making critical strategic decisions along the way.  How you go about selling your company may be the most important one yet. Remember…

You only do this once.

At DLA, we understand the stakes.  We know what it takes to maximize the enterprise value of your business, so you can do right by those counting on you.  We have helped hundreds of people just like you bring their companies to market… and win.

We have experience on both sides of the desk.

We bring an unique perspective to our clients because we have significant experience selling and acquiring businesses.  We know what buyers are looking for, and how to position your business for maximum value.

Exit Planning

Proven process ensuring your business sells for top dollar

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Transaction Management

Over 200 completed transactions means you have the advantage

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Business Acquisition

Leverage acquisitions to increase the value of your business

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Our experience is your competitive advantage.

You’ve spent years learning how to build a successful company, not preparing to exit.  There are alot of unknowns that come with entering this process.  It is complicated and buyers will take advantage of owners lacking preparation.

We want to help you win.  At DLA, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process to the maximum financial outcome.

  • DLA Companies has over 20 years experience handling mergers and acquisitions.
  • DLA has successfully completed over 200 transactions.
  • We work with companies small & large across multiple industries. 

It takes time to do it right.
But that time builds the bottom line.

To get maximum value selling your company, we need to do some preparation.  DLA provides a strategic 2-3 year process to guide you to a successful exit transaction.


Step one is preparation.  There are specific factors that are important in the eyes of potential buyers.  

DLA will provide strategic guidance, so that step by step you will have a company buyer’s will pay a premium for.


Step two is taking a deep dive into all the documentation that will be requested during due diligence. Potential buyers will be meticulously reviewing all information for inconsistencies.

By executing our pre-due-diligence process, we can identify factors buyers may exploit to re-negotiate and work towards correcting them in advance.


Ill prepared owners can get taken advantage of by strategic buyers and private equity firms.  They prey on owners inexperience.  

When we take your company to market we will have the upper hand.  Taking the time to prepare will put your company in position to sell for top dollar.

Don’t leave money on the table.

Schedule a call and begin the process of maximizing your exit.